Selling Your Sterling Silver

This site addresses the recent tremendous increase in the number of people wanting to sell their sterling silver flatware and hollowware.

Around this discussion at the top, right and bottom, you will see ads posted through Google. Many were posted by potential buyers of your sterling silver pieces. Contact them.

Some ads describe sellers of sterling. These advertisers generally are also buyers because they have to get their sterling from somewhere. So, contact them to see if they will buy your sterling.

Most advertisers are easy to do business with. Most will communicate with you by telephone, email or FAX. Contact at least two or three to get competing bids for your sterling.

Note: Dealers in other precious metals, such as gold, generally buy silver as well.

Additional articles related to selling sterling will be added below from time to time. Scroll down to review them.
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Should we sell our silver or get a payday loan, go to an online casino, or what?

Finding More Buyers

Sometimes the ads that pop up do not relate to selling your silver. Here are a couple of hints to see more:
  • There may be some scrolling arrows accompanying a group of ads. Click on these arrows to see more.
  • In the Google search bar at the top right of the screen, enter the words, "selling silver", (without the quotes) in the search box and click "Search". You'll see a new window pop up with more relevant buyer ads.

Should we sell our silver or get a payday loan, go to an online casino, or what?

Who Buys Sterling Silver?

Below is a list of some of the types of potential buyers of your sterling silver. The various types of dealers in the list who sell used sterling have to obtain their inventory somewhere so they buy from people like you.
  • Individuals - Try selling to this type of buyer first. He or she does not have to make a profit and cover business expenses and just wants your silver pieces for personal use. Individuals generally are the most "motivated" buyers.
  • Estate Silver Shops - You'll find shops like this in many larger cities. They are also good sources of information.
  • Jewelers - Some larger, older stores like this may by used sterling.
  • Antique Dealers - In addition to those with stores, some dealers only sell at large antique shows around the country.
  • Large National Dealers - There are a number of large companies that sell sterling pieces nationwide. Most sell through their web sites as well as by phone and mail.
  • Small National Dealers - These are similar to the bigger dealers but may have limited inventory and often sell through channels like eBay.
  • Precious Metals Dealers - These are businesses looking primarily at the scrap value of your pieces. The price they offer is highly dependent upon the current price of commodity silver.
  • Consignment Store - This type of business won't actually buy your sterling but it does provide an additional sales channel for you.

Should we sell our silver or get a payday loan, go to an online casino, or what?